In 2016, country artist, Nick Alligood, released his debut EP titled CHASER! The title track's opening lyric "I like my whiskey no rocks, keep it neat" struck an idea for a lifestyle brand, and in 2019, with the help of Jake Meyers at Red White Blue Apparel, it was brought to life. Alligood's original hand drawn WNR logo was printed to patches and placed on the first round of snapbacks and truckers, and the first orders were shipped to customers on 10/28/19 - from there "the rest is history"! Since the initial launch of the company, WNR has been repped nationwide by athletes and public figures such as NASCAR driver, Spencer Boyd, Pro-fisherman and FLW Champion, Aaron Britt (sponsored), Andrea Kuoni (International Playmate/Live Strong Spokeswoman) and Josh McAfee (Bassist for Dylan Schneider) 2022 brought lessons learned and great opportunities for growth, which set for good timing on WNR's newest partner and CFO, John Burke. Alligood and Burke, two highly motivated entrepreneurs, met in 2020 and immediately became friends and spoke of business regularly. Inevitably partnering to build "WNR 2.0" in 2023. As the brand continues to grow in leaps and bounds, the two have done it again... but evenBIGGER! Alligood and Burke are excited to announce they will be opening HIGH PINE Screen Printing & Embroidery in Standish, Maine this Winter! HIGH PINE will serve its communities needs for its services but will also act as WNR's Exclusive Manufacturer, Headquarters, Fulfillment Center, and Warehouse. We can't wait to show you or dreams!

It's not just a drink, it's a lifestyle! Thank ya'll for your love and support! - Cheers! NICK & JB ⁂